Your Choice and Expert Advice

Your solar panel choice matters: Expert Advice from Genuine Solar Brisbane

Our Brisbane based expert consultants can help you with great advice in streamlining products with plenty of warranty and efficiency. Thus, making the system efficiently over a long period. Now, it is time to invest in solar and view the financial benefits with expert advice from Genuine Solar team. Get paid for the electricity you generate.

Maximize your savings and enjoy the peace of mind. Genuine Solar installed panels are backed by quality, durability, efficiency and warranty.

At Genuine Solar, we do not want to merely install solar panels. We offer range of products that can help you make the most of your systems at the time of installation. Industry expert from Genuine Solar can advise on problems with performance and offer maintenance contracts. Give us a call or chat with us, we are constantly expanding our products and services. Also, we would love to talk to you!

People with research skills have told me over the years that one of the huge advantages of solar systems is that they are relatively maintenance free. We are actually proud of the findings as there are no moving parts, no motors or heavy parts that could go wrong or require frequent replacement.

Expert consultants Genuine Solar enjoys the opportunity of offering prospective customers guidance and assistance during the process of buying the solar system. We display on the roof solar panels to customers will have an understanding how it looks. Customers can endeavour every assistance to achieve the best financial return in Feen in Tariff and a reduction in electricity cost.

Our solar quotes have shown results where the usage, and feed in tariffs combined will help get the returns in under 3-5 years. As a result of better returns, so far, solar investment gives an opportunity to invest for immediate returns.