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Genuine Solar from Brisbane as the business is owned by a team of Engineers, who are enthusiastic about solar energy. We focus on superior quality, improved performance levels, and system durability.For that reason, we produce high quality solar system that suits our customers. Simultaneously, reducing the energy bills to which helps in return of investment in 3 – 5 years time.

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Our Team at Genuine Solar has been assisting thousands of families as well as businesses to clinch energy expert and environment-friendly solutions. We are local solar installers lending a hand to locals in Brisbane.
Furthermore, being an evolving solar company based in Brisbane, we will be helping and servicing the entire Queensland. We are focusing on higher-quality solar product installations and are committed by our benchmarks to make sure enablement of the best services you can trust. Our team of experts are ready to visit our customers in their property and answer their series of questions about their power consumption patterns. This will help us suggest the most cost-effective custom plan and system for your house or business. 

We strongly believe, investing in solar is the greatest wealth creation opportunity of our lifetime.
Finally, Genuine Solar is an establishment with assets of knowledge and practice in the energy industry across Brisbane and regional QLD. As one of the foremost solar panel companies and solar system installers in Brisbane, Genuine Solar has a team who have been assisting thousands of families as well as businesses to clinch energy expert and environment-friendly solutions.

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Future Plans

Sustainable and reliable energy for you. Sun provides enough power onto Earth each second to satisfy our demand. As a result, given that it is readily available and renewable, solar power is the most attractive source of energy. However, less than four per cent of the world’s energy comes from solar. New technology advances over the past five years have driven the solar industry to decrease cost and increasing solar panel efficiency. Similarly, invertors which convert DC to AC has improved efficiency and reduce wastage of energy produced.

Solar Facts

According to clean energy council Australia, Solar panels on the roofs of homes and businesses use energy from the sun to generate electricity cleanly and quietly. The conversion of solar energy into electrical energy takes place in cells of these semiconductor crystals. Therefore, making it less moving parts, and increase durability. Also, there is no pollution or noise. In 2019, small-scale solar was responsible for 22.3 per cent of Australia’s clean energy generation. Solar energy produced 5.3 per cent of the country’s total electricity.

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